to bring together the parliamentary institutions of all African States;

to strive for the systematic establishment of an authentic law-based African community founded on the political, economic, social and cultural realities of the continent;

to encourage contacts among African Parliamentarians, on the one hand, and between African Parliamentarians and Parliamentarians of other continents, on the other hand;

to contribute :
  • to the strengthening of the role and prestige of the parliamentary institution in Africa, by drawing inspiration from fundamental African and universal human values;

  • to the effective realisation of the ideals of liberty, peace and justice as well as to the promotion of human rights;

  • to deepening the concept of democracy and to its effective functioning;

  • to the realisation of the objectives of the Organisation of African Unity for the establishment of a lasting peace through dialogue within the framework of the inter-African co-operation and the promotion of the policies of good neighbourliness, peaceful co-existence and African unity.


Contact: African Parliamentary Union P.O. Box V 314 Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire Tel.: (225) 20 30 39 70 to 74 (225) 20 30 39 79