Statutory Meetings

Existing since 1976, the African Parliamentary Union has become a privileged venue for  parliamentary dialogue and action in Africa . The subject and the content of its resolutions as well as the relevance of the recommendations adopted at its conferences show its commitment to all that can contribute to the realization of a sustainable development in Africa based mainly on security and peaceprevention of conflictshuman rights and democracy, participation of womengood governance, fight against corruptionpopulationhealthcivil societyeducation and scienceexternal debtsstructural reforms in economyprivate sectorHuman development, National reconciliation, l ........

In addition to its conferences, , the APU, in partnership with the Arab Inter-Parliamentary, organizes every two years the Afro-Arab Parliamentary Conference Union the latest of which (the 14h Conference) took place in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) in may 2016.

The African Parliamentary Union appeals to international organizations and institutions to fully support its actions intended to promote peace, democracy and sustainable development in African countries through the following programs :


monitoring of elections ;
organization of African parliamentary conferences on specific topics ;
organization of information and training seminars for parliamentarians and political party    representatives ;
extending technical assistance to Parliaments in Africa ;

etc ...

Thematic Conferences

 The African Parliamentary Union took part in the organization of African parliamentary conferences on various important topics in close collaboration and partnership with the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the specialized Organizations of the United Nations:

     Conference on Employment in Africa, October 1985 
    Conference on Agricultural development and Food security in Africa, 
        Harare (Zimbabwe), December 1986 ;
    Conference on Health: a basis for development in Africa, Brazaville (Congo), July 1988 ;
    Conference on the Contribution of Parliaments to Democracy in Africa, 
        Harare (Zimbabwe), April 1998
    Conference on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) , Niamey (Niger), February 2002.
    Conference on Refugees, Cotonou (Benin) , June 2004.
    Conference on Female Genital Mutilations, Dakar (Senegal), December 2005.
    Conference on migration, Rabat (Morocco) , May 2008.
    Conference on migration , Djibouti, February 2016.

Contact: African Parliamentary Union P.O. Box V 314 Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire Tel.: (225) 20 30 39 70 to 74 (225) 20 30 39 79